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What Does the Car History Check Offer?

Do you want to buy a used car? You should know that this is no small feat. The car becomes such an important part of everyday life since it is the machine that takes you from one destination to the next and you rely on it not to fail you. If you want to avoid buying a used car that will eventually disappoint you, get a car history check. It is the most reliable way to ensure that you do not buy a lemon.

Finance Check

Find out if the vehicle owner has any money owing on the car. Our car history check will identify the vehicle you are going to buy and whether it is currently on finance or not. This protects you from buying an encumbered car that can be repossessed for payment default.

Write-off Check

Our vehicle history check shows if the vehicle was in an accident and it resulted in a total loss, if it had repairable write-offs, or if there was no accident history on that car. If the used car you like was in an accident, our car history check will identify it.

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Stolen Vehicle Check

Our car history check ensures you don’t end up buying stolen property. The stolen check on our car history report lets you know if the vehicle was reported as stolen but not recovered. You can get in trouble even if you didn’t know because you could check the history.

Registration Details

No matter if you search “Car History Report NSW”, “Car History Report QLD”, or “Car History Report WA”, our report gives you important details such as the vehicle registration details. Remember that it is illegal to drive a car with no or expired registration on Australian roads.

Why Choose Our Car History Report?

A car history report is important because it allows you to gather the facts that you need on the vehicle that you wish to buy. It also gives you the known risks that are associated with buying the vehicle in question such as whether or not the car owner has money owing. Using the check car history option allows you to make better purchasing decisions about used cars.


Get reliable information about your potential car using our low-cost, comprehensive check car history option.


When you input your vehicle’s VIN or rego, we ensure that you get your car history report within seconds.

Easy to use

It is easy to get a QuickPPSR car history check. Follow our 3-step process and receive your report instantly.

Trusted Sources

Our car history report contains highly accurate data as pulled from official sources such as NEVDIS and PPSR.

Car History Reports | PPSR Search Reports


Car History Reports | PPSR Search Reports


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Why Get a Car History Report from QuickPPSR?

Always run a Quick Revs check before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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