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What is PPSR Certificate and How to Read it?

What is a PPSR Certificate?

One of the most important anyone looking to buy a used car can obtain is a PPSR Certificate. A PPSR Certificate is a government-generated record of a vehicle’s financial history. Along with a PPSR Check, the document lets users know whether or not there is a financial owing on a personal property. This is any property which is owned by an individual or a group except for land.

How to Get a PPSR Certificate

After entering a VIN or search number for a previous PPSR search, one can get a PPSR certificate. When you conduct a PPSR search through the Personal Property Securities Register, you can directly access your PPSR Certificate. On the other hand, conducting a PPSR check through a site like Quick PPSR will give you the option of getting both your search report and certificate.

How to Read a PPSR Certificate

PPSR Certificates are divided into various sections:

  • The first section lists information obtained from NEVDIS. These data include:
  • Vehicle road registration details: If the car is registered, NEVDIS details will be present. If not, there are a number of possibilities including the car is not registered, you may have accidentally typed in the wrong serial or Chassis number, or punctuated wrongfully.
  • Differing NEVDIS data: when the details on a car do not match the search results, check that you entered the correct data. If so, then it is prudent to investigate the discrepancies
  • Stolen status: if it reads ‘no data’, then the vehicle has never been stolen as per records present in NEVDIS
  • Written-off status: if no data is available, there exists no records of it ever being written off on NEVDIS
  • The second part delineates the details of the search. This information includes the:
    • Search number and search certificate number
    • Search criteria used: This will be reflected in the certificate. For instance, if you searched for a vehicle’s financial owing using a serial number, the PPSR Certificate generated will be titled ‘Serial Number Search Certificate’.
  • Finally, the certificate has a segment that deals with the registration details. Registration in this case to a vehicle’s registration or lack thereof within the PPSR. This section, titled the PPSR Registration Details section, details the money owing on the car whose details you searched. You can have one of two results in this section:
  • No interest: When your PPSR Certificate outlines the message ‘There is no security interest or other registration kind registered on the PPSR against…’ followed by the details you input on your search criteria, it means that there is no financial loan tied to the car.
  • Registration found: On the other hand, if there is financial owing on the car, the PPSR Certificate will display a range of data. It will show the 15 digit PPSR Registration for the car, along with the start and end dates of the registration.

The PPSR Search Certificate also details the contact information of the secured party with interest in the car as well as its grantor. Any amendments made to the PPSR registration of the car will also be listed under this section.

After viewing the PPSR certificate, you can either download it directly from the site you used to conduct the PPSR search or have it sent to your email address.

Always run a Quick Revs check before buying a used car.

It is a financially prudent habit and can save you from huge legal problems.

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